Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition has always been my passion, I firmly believe that nutritional intake, water, exercise, daylight and sleep is the optimum solution for our body’s needs. The word diet is a “dirty word” to me, purely because of the misconception of it. So many people associate the word with restriction and weight loss. The definition I prefer is:

Nutrition should be considered in terms of its qualities and composition and its effect on health.

I look at nutritional intake as being either helpful or unhelpful. A qualified nutritional therapist promotes good health, performance, and personal care through the application of scientific nutrition. Nutritional therapy may help clients to improve their sense of health and well-being. I also work with other healthcare professionals to support people with chronic conditions.

Your first consultation will include a full health and nutrition questionnaire to supply a thorough background on medical history, health concerns, symptoms, lifestyle and nutritional intake. You will be expected to keep a specialised diary for a typical week, this will enable me to devise a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme for you to follow.  

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