My meditation classes can be guided one to one or with a group, informing how to engage in a mental exercise to focus your attention and intentions to attain a heightened level of awareness to properly relax and close yourself off from the every day stresses that may affect you.

I will tailor every meditation session to the individual (or needs of the specific group), for those not used to meditation the sessions will be shorter. All sessions start with relaxational breathing. If you wish to discuss your feelings after each session this can be scheduled into the time spent.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a very personal experience and is many different things to each person. Depending on what you want from your encounter you could focus on individual aspects of health, personal growth or healing.


When will I feel the benefit?

Generally you will feel the benefit of a meditation session immediately. As you repeat your practice and extend the length of your meditation sessions you will experience deeper and longer benefits.

What are the medical or scientific benefits and support for meditation?

When we meditate we learn to relax and this reduces our worry. As we reach the state of relaxation less adrenalin rushes through out bodies which allows the parasympathetic nervous system to function which stimulates cell regeneration, increases bloodflow to the heart, slows the heart rate, eases muscular tension, improves cognitive function and aids concentration.

As the flow of blood is improved and less fight or flight chemicals are being released into the body the function of the entire body improves. All the cells become more oxygenated which cleanses and detoxifies the system.

NICE (National Institute for Care Excellence) recommends meditation for cancer patients.

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