Indian Head Massage

Traditionally performed seated and fully clothed , however some clients like the use of oil and prefer to have their shoulders bare.

It is a very relaxing head, neck ,shoulder and facial massage with many therapeutic benefits

  • It can improve skin tone and colour
  • Increase circulation to the scalp increasing hair condition and growth
  • Facial muscles feel relaxed and soothed
  • Mobility and flexibility of neck and shoulder joints can be improved
  • Circulation to the upper body can be improved by the movement of lactic acid muscular tension is also reduced as is inflammation and pain.
  • Stress induced muscular spasms can be alleviated
  • As the circulatory system is stimulated the delivery of nutrients and oxygen is improved as are the removal of toxins and wastes
  • The lymphatic circulatory system is greatly heightened thus reducing the risk of infections within the body
  • As the effects of stress are released from the body with the treatment, Improved sleep, reduction of anxiety, slowing of heart rate, energy level and concentration increase are all documented benefits


It is discussed in the NICE guidelines how complementary therapies can assist in the treatment of chronic or life-limiting conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, mental health problems (i.e. mild depression and anxiety) weight problems, musculoskeletal problems, or a history of substance misuse (including alcohol and drugs).

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