Craniosacral Therapy

I am very proud to be one of few practitioners in the region able to offer craniosacral therapy to my clients. Craniosacral Therapy is a type of body work that can create dynamic improvements in your life. It helps to relieve pain and dysfunction improving whole-body health and performance. Answers to most of my most frequently asked questions about this dynamic and exciting treatment are below. Contact me directly if you have any other questions.

What is the Craiosacral System?

The craniosacral system consists of the bones, soft tissues, and fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord.

How can Craniosacral Therapy help me?

Our tissues tighten and change with everyday stresses and strains. Other experiences from physical injuries to emotional trauma can create or add restrictions, these can radiate out from – or into the craniosacral system and can compromise the central nervous system and the function of other areas of your body. This therapy is a light touch that can release tensions to allow the entire body to relax and self-correct by freeing the system to perform at its best.

What should I expect during my therapy?

A typical session takes place in a quiet setting, you would remain fully clothed and relax on a comfortable treatment table. We begin by evaluating the rhythm and motion of the craniosacral system before intervention, locating areas of restriction in the body tissues or the fluid motion. Delicate, precise and effective manual techniques are then used to release body tissues into any problem areas. While many techniques are carried out from the head and lower back, we may also work on other parts of the body, as sometimes we experience symptoms in areas which are not actually the source of the problem. Your session will last up to an hour.

What you might notice during Craniosacral Therapy?

Your experience of treatment is highly individual and is likely to change over time. You may feel warmth, heat or even a pulsing sensation. The majority of clients experience a feeling of very deep relaxation.

How do I book my session with you?

Use our Contact form to book a session with me.

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