About Me

I’m Jacky Burrows and I’m a holistic practitioner providing various methods of support for your daily health and wellness.

In 2000, I began to formally study natural medicine after a lengthy illness of my own. I gained many qualifications in nutrition, counselling, massage and personal training, whilst also working full-time in the National Health Service as a practitioner.

This is why I can provide you with a truly holistic approach to your health and wellness, with a background in both traditional and natural medicine I can advise you specifically, on your condition and in your best interests.

As a healthcare professional with over 25 year’s experience I have become very frustrated and upset with the lack of time a professional can spend with a patient in a consultation, I do not believe that in a ten-minute appointment you can adequately discuss the real reason why a person has come to access some help and perform a thorough examination. I wish to spend an appropriate amount of time with a person, discuss their thoughts, feelings, and goals to see if we, together, can plan a care regime to help them. To this end, I provide a range of therapeutic routes to wellness as an advocate for natural medicine and a holistic approach to our everyday wellness. Starting with nutrition and our attitude towards food and hydration, through exercise and movement, Meditation, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and reiki healing

To start your journey to total wellness, contact me to book an initial consultation.

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