I had another great CranioSacral Therapy session with Jacky yesterday. This treatment is amazing. I could feel so much movement and energy moving around and both Jacky and I had visions during it. Jacky is a great therapist with a unique combination of medical and spiritual knowledge. She’s based at the Business Centre on Blackwell Lane in Darlington and I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Debbie Stokoe

Entrepreneur, Butterfly Communications

I had a CST session with Jacky last week and it was amazing! After treatment all my aches and pains had melted away but I also feel clearer and more focused than I had for ages. I really needed to remember Jacky’s advice about staying hydrated after therapy as I drank as much as if I’d been running all day! I could feel the energies moving around my body, clearing blockages and I will definitey be booking another session soon. Highly recommended.
Rosie Brent

Owner, RosieBrent.com

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